Nokia supposedly 'discussing' Windows Phone phablet for 2014 launch

Nokia supposedly 'discussing' Windows Phone phablet for 2014 launchWe've been here before, and here we are again: Nokia is reportedly working on a big-screened “phablet” smartphone to be released at some point in the next year.

So says DigiTimes, which at least has the sense to qualify its claims with the highly deniable “reportedly in discussions” qualifier.

The logic is simple: the phablet market – the niche of the smartphone market that covers handsets with screen sizes of 5.5in+ – has proved unexpectedly fertile since the original Samsung Galaxy Note was introduced a couple of years ago.

And Nokia, currently without any presence in said market, doesn't want to be left out.

It makes a certain amount of sense, though with Nokia being tied to Windows Phone for its smartphones, it'll have to wait to the next full version of Microsoft's OS rolls out with support for higher resolutions and more powerful processors. In that sense at least the DigiTimes claim rings true.

You could also argue that with Nokia having no presence in the tablet market, going for a phablet of 6in screen size running Windows Phone could be seen as a safer prospect that developing an actual 7in tablet running a current or future version of Windows RT, such has been the rocky reception RT has had so far.

Ultimately, though, if you're casting your net as far ahead as the next 12 months, pretty much anything is possible. And while DigiTimes is proved wrong often enough, it's also been spot on enough that its claims are just about worth passing on.

For the record, in the same piece it adds that Huawei is looking to push out a plus-size phablet of around 6.5in screen size, and that others are set to follow.

The significance is that such devices will see tablet makers under pressure to lower 7in tablet prices in response. Here's hoping.

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