Nokia tablet might not involve Microsoft at all

Nokia tablet might not involve Microsoft at allNokia, like everyone else, plans to make a tablet – we found out as much a few days ago thanks to concept drawings seen at the US Patent Office.

The drawing dates from May 2010, and we pointed out that back then the idea was probably for the slate to run MeeGo, or even Symbian, but that those plans have no doubt changed given recent developments.

Maybe not. Reuters is quoting a source close to Nokia as claiming there's a good chance the Finns' tablet plans don't make provision for any Microsoft software at all.

We're always reasonably wary when we read the words “a person with knowledge of the company's thinking”, but that's exactly who Reuters claims is saying all this – we'll just have to go on Reuters' own reputation as a serious news agency for now.

Anyway, what we're told is that Nokia knows it's arriving late to the tablet game, and so wants to give its debut slate something distinctive that will set it apart from its many rivals. “That could include Microsoft, it may not,” the source said.

That's about what meat there is to this one, but we'd understand Nokia's reservations. Windows Phone 7 is very much a smartphone platform, and the full-blown Windows 7 is a PC OS.

Microsoft's big tablet OS is expected to be Windows 8, but with nothing concrete on the tablet yet we wouldn't be surprised if Nokia chose to keep any tablet plans it might develop out of the co-operation agreement with Steve Ballmer and co.

Prior to February, any Nokia tablet was a no-brainer to run MeeGo, which it was working on alongside Intel until then. So if the Reuters source is true, and given recent developments, what do you think Nokia has in mind? Let us know in the Comments below!

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 22, 2011 at 13:05

Sebastian Nystroem has made it clear that MeeGo is not dead, yet. So my money is on a MeeGo tablet THIS year. :D


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