Nokia: Tablets? Big screens? Not interested... for now

Nokia: Tablets? Big screens? Not interested... for nowAs Mobile World Congress starts winding down for another year, we'd imagine Nokia is reasonably satisfied with life at the moment, having nabbed plenty of praise not only for its 41MP 808 PureView, but also the Tango-wielding Lumia 610 and international version of the Lumia 900.

However, Nokia is still notably absent from the tablet market, and also has nothing to take on the 4.5in-plus screened giants currently gaining traction at the high end of the Android market. And, it seems, it has no problem with that for the time being. 

As for tablets, we've assumed all along that its Windows Phone deal with Microsoft would mean any Nokia plans for a tablet would probably have to wait on the emergence of Windows 8 – despite vague hopes of an N9-esque MeeGo maverick appearing at some point.

And that continues to be the official position, it seems. Nokia has refused to budge from its “we'll launch a tablet when we've got something interesting to launch” default position throughout MWC, and with Windows 8 set to hit the airwaves later this year, that now looks like a no-brainer.

It was an approach indirectly confirmed by Nokia executive vice-president Niklas Savander in comments to Pocket-lint this week on the trend among some smartphone makers to keep pushing screen sizes towards (and beyond) the 5in mark.

“There is a monster truck syndrome coming soon in my opinion, that at some point in time people will just say 'this is stupid',” Savander said. “It is hard to say when that will happen, but advances should be about what new technologies can we create, not just about making screens bigger.”

So does that mean the 4.3in Lumia 900 is as big as Nokia is willing to go on a mobile device? According to Savander, yes... and no. “It then becomes a tablet and then we can have a tablet discussion.”

You'd assume he wouldn't be saying that if such a discussion was going to last as long as it takes to say “we're not interested”. And with Windows 8 having taken some big steps into the public consciousness in Barcelona this week, we'd we willing to put a fair sized bet on some Nokia-flavoured tablet rumours emerging from the mobile underworld sooner rather than later.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 2, 2012 at 10:45

One of the (few) clever decisions they've made in a while :p


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