Nokia teases us with Pure View camera tech

Nokia teases us with Pure View camera techNokia has cranked up the anticipation factor ahead of Mobile World Congress by posting a teaser video for some seriously high-end camera technology it's getting set to reveal.

It's all but certain now that one of the devices Nokia launches in Barcelona next week will be a premium cameraphone along the lines of the N8, but the question remains whether it will run Symbian or Windows Phone.

Let's start with the Pure View clip, however. It may be only 22 seconds long, but makes an impressive statement about the device doing the recording. Snow is one of the more challenging subjects to film for any number of reasons, and most mobile devices get nowhere near doing it justice through what are typically undersized sensors and limited optics.

But in the N8's sequel we've already been told to expect what could be the biggest image sensor ever on a mobile device, and that's exactly the kind of device we imagine having filmed the Pure View clip.

It's divided into a couple of shots, captioned Pure Depth, Pure Definition and Pure Detail. The clip ends by popping up next Monday's date on the screen, the day Nokia has promised to show off its MWC wares.

The pace and variety of Nokia rumours zinging about the place has reached near-iPhonesque intensity over the past few weeks, and given that all will be made clear in just five days' time, we'll simply say this: whether it's the last ever Symbian phone, or the first high-end Windows Phone cameraphone, we're rather looking forward to seeing this baby in the flesh.

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