Nokia tells us to save the date, doesn't say why

Nokia tells us to save the date, doesn't say whyEarlier today (er, about half an hour ago) we looked at Microsoft’s invite to the unveiling of the next Windows Phone release. Nokia has been busy telling everyone to “save the date” too, but it’s not saying why.

The two events are almost certainly unrelated, and occur one week apart. We know what to expect from Microsoft, but Nokia’s invite has the industry stumped.

Last month we met the Nokia X7 and the business-oriented Nokia E6. We doubt Nokia has any other Symbian-based treats up its sleeve at this stage. Perhaps some Windows Phone-related teasing?

Or could it be something to do with the pink Nokia N8 we’ve seen recently? The press shots appear to show it running Symbian Anna, and it has an expected release date of May 20. Well, according to Phones4u.

Who knows? The event takes place in Athens at 8pm, which is 6pm GMT.

via: Daily Mobile

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Stelph  May. 10, 2011 at 11:56

Please Please Please Nokia, drag yourself out of the funk you are currently in and make sure that if you are announcing something at this press conference that it is either a device or software that will be available almost immediately (i.e. in a month), I really feel that the market has moved on from the days of announcing phones several quaters before they are available, the market now moves so fast that the initial flurry of interest that flares up post announcement quickly falls away as time goes on!

This is something apple gets so right, hitting deadlines and making sure when the roll out Steve Jobs for a big announcement, the device is ready to order/receive very soon afterwards


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