Nokia is 'very interested' in tablets. Still

Nokia is 'very interested' in tablets. Still

There is no Nokia tablet, and to date there has never been a Nokia tablet. Yet rumours that Nokia is working on one in secret just won't go away.

Maybe it's because it keeps insisting that it's interested in the tablet market – or “very interested” to quote Nokia executive VP of smart devices, Jo Harlow.

She was speaking at the launch event yesterday for the new aluminium-bodied Lumia 925, which is set to spearhead Nokia's Lumia line of Windows Phones through the summer.

But some observers were also talking hopefully of the possibility that a tablet would also be showing its face at the event in an Apple-style “one more thing” moment – despite the lack of any clear evidence to suggest that was ever a possibility.

However, that didn't stop the question being asked, to which Harlow responded: “We're very interested in tablets and that's an area we're looking at.”

With that said, she attempted to keep speculation in check by adding: “I don't have any product news I can share.”

In truth it's no different to what Nokia was saying a year ago. In fact, the biggest reason for speculating about a Nokia tablet in the first place still seems to be the simple fact that it doesn't currently have one.

And with every fibre of the company's being focused on keeping its head above water in the smartphone game right now, there's every chance we'll still be in the same position a year from now.


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JanSt / MOD  May. 15, 2013 at 17:22

No doubt it's just a matter of number-crunching. They could probably send one into production, like, yesterday...


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