Nokia: whaddaya mean, we love MeeGo!?

Nokia: whaddaya mean, we love MeeGo!?Just when we thought we had Nokia figured out, along comes another mid-level exec to throw a spanner in the works by contradicting what we believed to be true.

The latest to weigh in is Nokia's head of portfolio management, who tells us “we will support the Nokia N9 for years and release several updates”. Right. That's the MeeGo platform Nokia is no longer working on, then...

Nokia obviously has an awful lot of softeware engineers and the like kicking around doing nothing. MeeGo is no longer the company's great OS hope, and Symbian is slowly being wound in given that Windows Phone is all set to ride into town.

But if Klas Ström's latest insight on Twitter is to be believed (kindly tagged “#nottoworry”, which we love), there are only so many spots going on the Series 40 development teams and Nokia has clearly decided to keep a few brave souls beavering away on MeeGo and the N9.

Predictably, the wider tech community seems broadly pleased to hear this latest news, as the Nokia N9 has been by far the best received new Nokia for a long, long time – despite running an operating system that Nokia very publicly dropped like a hot potato back in February.

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Stelph  Jul. 8, 2011 at 12:21

Well Elop dropped like a hot potato, since then there have been several people at different levels within Nokia (ie software developers, this guy) who have come forward to show their support for Meego in one way or another.

Just what is going on at Nokia? Just hurry up and release the N9 so I can get one


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