First Nokia Windows Phone looking likely for 2011, but is a preview just three weeks away?

First Nokia Windows Phone looking likely for 2011, but is a preview just three weeks away?Mixed news for Nokia fans. The company has been forced to adjust its Q2 sales outlook downwards and has retracted its annual targets altogether.

But it has “increased confidence” that the first Windows Phone-powered Nokia will ship before the year-end, and could even be ready to show off a prototype before the end of June.

That Nokia is failing to hit its sales targets for the quarter won't come as a huge surprise to many people. After all, this is the first full quarter after the Windows Phone announcement back in February, and if there's one thing to take the wind out of your sails – or sales, in this case – it's announcing that you have no confidence in the software underpinning your current product lineup.

So no surprise, then, that Symbian phone sales have been lower than expected since then, while the associated Nokia services have taken a hit too.

As a result, the company says it isn't going to make its hoped for €6.1bn to €6.6bn in sales, and predicts margins to be all but non-existent.

With such an uncertain climate (and no doubt trying to guard against a share price free-for-all should Symbian sales really fall off a cliff), Nokia has elected to pull back its annual targets for the year altogether, saying instead it will provide updates as the situation develops.

It's not all bad news, though, as arguably the reason for Symbian's accelerated decline – the Windows Phone partnership with Microsoft – is well on track to deliver its first actual product in time for the crucial holiday season spending fiesta.

On another note, meanwhile, Nokia has revealed the details for its Nokia Connection 2011 conference in Singapore, and it seems we can look forward to at least some new details on the Windows Phone situation and possibly a view of the handsets themselves.

Considering the theme of the event is “Unveiling the Next Chapter”, and Nokia boss Stephen Elop is down to deliver a high-profile keynote before handing over to executive vice-pres of mobile phones Mary McDowell, we'd be mighty disappointed if there wasn't some decent new hardware details to get our teeth around.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 31, 2011 at 18:27

Nokia have yet again pushed back the release of Anna.
I believe them when I see it in the shop.


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