First Nokia Windows Phone handset no sooner than October

First Nokia Windows Phone handset no sooner than OctoberLooking to get your hands on a Windows Phone 7 Nokia? Well, you're in for a wait, with October pegged as the earliest possible date the first union of Microsoft and Nokia's efforts will be seen.

And, says the Guardian, that's an optimistic guess. It could be later than that... and it might not even be Windows Phone 7 on board at all.

We've been hearing whispers for quite some time about a massive update to the WinPho platform coming in the second half of the year and codenamed Mango. Just this week Steve Ballmer referred to it (though not by name) when touting IE9's likely inclusion in the overhaul.

According to the Guardian, though, Mango will be given a different name to Windows Phone 7 when it's released – most likely Windows Phone 7.5. And if you're looking for proof, it can be found in the fact that in all his comments about the Microsoft-Nokia partnership this week, Stephen Elop has not once referred to Windows Phone 7 specifically by name, talking instead simply about Windows Phone.

The paper goes on to add that Elop hasn't once talked about an actual timeframe when the first handsets are planned to appear, and suggests the reason is that nothing will be forthcoming until after Mango is brought to the table.

Consensus is that Mango will land sometime in the autumn, though of course that could be an optimistic guess at this point. After all, the first update, NoDo, was originally tipped for February and will now only appear early next month.

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