What if Nokia hadn't gone with Windows Phone? Would it even still be here?

I was just daydreaming (as you do!) and wondering if Windows Phone would still be here if Nokia had stuck with Meego or gone for Android instead.

The Samsung ATIV S seemed almost like a cursory nod to Windows Phone, and you almost sense that HTC isn't bothered either!

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JanSt / MOD  May. 12, 2013 at 21:12

Yes, good question (?).
I don't see how HTC or Samsung or, ahem...anyone would have committed to WP with Nokia's vehemence at the time. Samsung's WinMo output was as cursory as the Ativ S.
HTC, on the other hand, had truly propelled WinMo to something competitive and modern, just for Micro$oft to completely burn the platform when the HD2 became a hit... So, that may explain HTC's caution - although, the 8S and 8X are quite attractive imho.

Nah, I reckon M$ needed Nokia as they were: in dire need. Having a 'mole' inside didn't harm the, ahem 'relationship', I guess.


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