Nokia wins injunction against HTC Android devices in Germany

Nokia wins injunction against HTC Android devices in GermanyPoor old HTC. In recent months, the Taiwanese manufacturer has recorded its first-ever quarterly loss, various executives have abandoned ship, factories are rumoured to be sitting vacant, and half a dozen former employees have been indicted on account of leaking info, falsifying expenses and taking kickbacks from suppliers.

Adding to the mountain of misery, Nokia has just won an injunction against HTC’s Android devices in Germany, including the flagship HTC One.

The case revolves around a patent pertaining to a "method for transferring resource information”. More specifically, it’s the use of Bluetooth and NFC between two HTC devices that has Nokia up in arms.

HTC will inevitably appeal the injunction, but should Nokia choose to enforce it (posting a €400 million bond in the process), the onus would fall on the Taiwanese to convince the appeals court that its appeal would likely succeed. Failing that, HTC’s Android devices could be withdrawn in Germany.

The interesting thing here is that the patent infringement could have wider implications for the entire Android community, and as such it’s no surprise to hear Google attempting to have it nullified. Too late to help HTC, right enough, but at least it’s not sitting back.

For tons more info, hit up Florian Mueller’s ramblings on FOSS Patents.

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