Nokia Zeta shows up in official pic

Nokia Zeta shows up in official picThings are starting to come together for the Nokia 700 Zeta we first caught wind of a week or so ago.

The latest Symbian pretender from the Big N has popped up on camera again – and this is no blurry snap from a spec sheet either, it's a full-blown official pic.

Thanks to My Nokia Blog, we can now get a closer look at the Zeta, which the site reckons could end up going by the name of Nokia N7.

By our reckoning that may be pitching the Zeta a bit high, as it doesn't look to be more than a mid-range handset from what we can see. Still, according to the leaked document we saw the other day it'll come with a 3.2in nHD AMOLED touchscreen, NFC capability and will run the next version of Symbian – to be called Belle.

It's also billed as “the thinnest smartphone ever”, which is a fairly bold claim when you consider there's no telling what might show up on the market before the Zeta actually launches.

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gsmguru23  Aug. 16, 2011 at 08:38

This latest mobile phone sounds great.


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