Oh look, it's yet more new Nokias

Oh look, it's yet more new NokiasNokia really can't seem to stay out of the news right now. Fresh from Monday's N Series reveal starring the N5, N6 and N7 we now have a fresh leak dishing up the dirty on a further four handsets Nokia is lining up.

It's an interesting bunch too, with Nokia suddenly taking a shining to girls' names for its products. In fact, with names like Cindy, Fate, Helen and Zeta we're wondering if this is a list of mobile phones, or the character names from a low-budget Charlie's Angels spin-off.

This latest Nokia-flavoured leak was surfaced by My Nokia Blog, and centres around a couple of pics allegedly of a spec sheet for upcoming Nokia handsets.

Running through the handsets, Helen, or the Nokia 600 as it's also listed, is detailed as having an “attractive price”, despite some fairly impressive specs, including a 1GHz processor, 3.2in AMOLED touchscreen and built-in NFC.

Next up is the Fate, or the Nokia 500, which is even more price-driven, doing without NFC but still offering a 1GHz in a package designed to be “affordable, reliable and fast”.

Moving on we have Helen (a.k.a. Nokia 701), which is listed as the successor to the Nokia C7, and will also feature a 1GHz processor, along with NFC, an 8-megapixel camera, 3.5in ClearBlack Display touchscreen, while the OS is listed as Symbian Belle, the successor to the recently announced Anna.

Last up is the Zeta, or the Nokia 700, which is described as the “thinnest smartphone ever”, and comes with a similar processor to the others, along with NFC, a 3.2in AMOLED touchscreen and Symbian Belle.

So what to make of it all? Well, for starters the names don't help too much, although the suggestion that Helen is a Nokia C7 successor tells us all four of these handsets will probably be hammered into Nokia's standard naming convention by the time they launch – in other words, this one will probably be called the Nokia C7-01 or similar.

Secondly, it's already been speculated that there is likely to be some overlap between this list and the three N-Series handsets we heard about yesterday – Cindy, for instance, seems an awful lot like yesterday's Nokia N5.

The presence of NFC is certainly interesting, though not really surprising, given that Nokia has always been one of the leading exponents of NFC aboard mobile hardware.

Lastly, talk of Symbian Belle suggests that the Helen and Zeta at least aren't likely to touch down any time soon – Symbian Anna has only just started appearing in the wild on board the Nokia E6 and X7 after all, and hasn't even started being rolled out over the air to other Symbian handsets.

As for the other two, the lack of any talk of the operating system tells us they'll more than likely be Symbian S60 or possibly even Series 40 phones, in which case predictions of a September launch might actually be quite close to the mark.

Of course, the whole lot could be bogus, too. The odd typing inconsistency (such as MB instead of MP in the Fate's camera listing) doesn't close the door to this being nothing more than a quickly typed Word document printed out and photographed. We'll just have to wait and see.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 29, 2011 at 09:26

Murtazin reckons all those 1GHz touchies are indeed 'real' and Series 40... Give or take a pinch of salt. Having said that, Nokia did promise a dozen or so series 40 devices earlier this year. But they also 'promised' ”GHz+ Symbian phones”


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