Nokia's Damian Dinning says PureView tech will get more compact

Nokia's Damian Dinning says PureView tech will get more compactThere's no question that the Nokia 808 PureView is a big deal in the evolution of the camera phone, but it's also a very big phone, with that gargantuan sensor making it a full 17.8mm thick.

But Nokia imaging chief Damian Dinning has assured PureView fans that Nokia is looking at ways of slimming down its revolutionary camera tech as it prepares to shoehorn it into a Windows Phone chassis.

The 808 PureView truly was a bolt out of the blue when it emerged at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February, taking pretty much everyone by surprise.

The cynics will argue that this simply proves how little attention people pay to Nokia these days, but come on – show me someone who wasn't even a bit impressed at the notion of a 41-megapixel camera.

Damian Dinning is the man at the heart of much of Nokia's recent imaging successes – in particular the 808 and before that the N8 – both powered by Symbian, of course.

Nokia's future, of course, lies with Windows Phone, and despite the 808 having been too far along the evolutionary road to switch OSes when Stephen Elop decided to shift the company to Windows Phone 18 months ago, future PureView devices – and there will certainly be some – will be Windows Phones through and through.

However, speaking to WPDang, Dinning also believes they'll be slimmer – even if he does feel the 808 PureView remains decidedly pocketable despite its bulk.

“We believe that the 808 volume is acceptable for most consumers, it can easily fit in your pocket, and at the same time, when being used as a camera , the phone also needs to have a certain size and weight, in order to get a better grip and stability,” Dinning argues.

“Of course … as technology advances and matures, with the same camera performance and body type more lightweight smartphones will also appear that solves the contradiction between the needs of the mobile phone volume and camera optics.”

That is a translation of just a snippet of what looks like a long interview, so break out your best Chinese and have a read if you're interested. Alternatively, you can enjoy it complete with the vagaries of Google Translate.

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