Nokia's Damien Dinning: 12-megapixel Lumia 910 'doesn't exist'

Nokia's Damien Dinning: 12-megapixel Lumia 910 'doesn't exist'We've given fair coverage to Eldar Murtazin's various theories in the past, aware that at least some of his wild theories have in fact proved to be true down the line.

But that hasn't happened for a long time now, and the Russian mobile blogger and self-styled 'insider' has just had another of his claims – that Nokia is working on a 12-megapixel Lumia 910 Windows Phone – shot down directly by Nokia itself.

The Symbian-based 12-megapixel N8 remains Nokia's flagship photography device, with none of the trio of Windows Phone Lumia devices we've seen so far even getting close to matching its photo-snapping skills.

While the rest of the mobile world – ourselves included – have reasoned that the N8's successor will also be a Symbian device, giving Nokia more time to get to grips with Windows Phone before committing to such a specialist device on the platform, Murtazin has offered a different theory.

He says a 12-megapixel version of the Lumia 900 launched at CES last month is in the pipelines, and it will be known as the Lumia 910.

But where Twitter so many times in the past has served as the messenger for Murtazin's musings, in this case it has proved his downfall. On being questioned about the Lumia 910, Nokia's big photographic cheese Damian Dinning (pictured above) has flat-out dismissed the handset as a figment of Murtazin's imagination.

Such is the weight attached by some (albeit an ever-dwindling few) to Murtazin's words that US network AT&T had actually stuck up a pre-order page for the 12MP Lumia 910. But when Dinning was questioned as to the image sensor size, he reacted with confusion before delivering an emphatic “nope. Doesn't exist”.

Dinning, the driving force behind all of Nokia's recent camera successes, and we're not aware of him having made any false claims or deliberately disingenuous statements in the past. As for Murtazin... well, you really don't need us to finish that sentence, do you?

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 7, 2012 at 13:12

... but would they admit it if they did have it?


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