Nokia's mysterious Normandy is a LumiAsha mashup

Nokia's mysterious Normandy is a LumiAsha mashupHere's yet another upcoming Nokia handset hitting speculation-land: the Nokia Normandy. This one has no specs attached as yet, but thanks to @evleaks there is at least an image to go with the codename.

And from what we can see the Normandy is a curious prospect, as it looks for all the world like a Lumia Windows Phone, yet has neither flash nor forward-facing camera, and the display is clearly 4in or smaller.

Throw in the fact that Nokia has just today announced the Lumia 525, and you're left with the likelihood that the Normandy is actually a high-end Asha feature phone with a Lumia-esque design.

And, er, there's also the text of the @evleaks tweet: “A real Asha. Or Lumia? The Nokia Normandy.”

So are we looking at a high-end Asha to sit above the current Asha 50X quartet at the top of Nokia's feature phone pile?

It's certainly completely different from a looks point of view. Even ignoring the clearly Lumia-influenced design touches, the physical size is obviously bigger than the other Ashas.

So what about something like a 4in Asha running the trusty 1GHz processor Nokia was so fond of before the Lumia era and coming in at a £90-£100 price point?

That's pure speculation on my own part, but it's hardly baseless. Any theories of your own for what Nokia's Normandy landing will reveal? Head for the Comments below and have your say.

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Gridl0k  Nov. 28, 2013 at 10:39

Does the Windows Phone spec require a hardware camera button?

It certainly requires hardware buttons AFAIK so I strongly suspect this is a Lumia-like Asha.

JanSt / MOD  Nov. 28, 2013 at 17:42

Of course, it is


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