Nokia's Stephen Elop: tablet a possibility, plus who needs quad-core anyway?

Nokia's Stephen Elop: tablet a possibility, plus who needs quad-core anyway?Depending on who you listen to, Stephen Elop is either Nokia's saviour or a Trojan Horse for Microsoft. Not an actual horse, of course, or a piece of malware for that matter.

Anyway, the Nokia boss man has been chatting to all and sundry after gracing CES 2012 with the all-new Nokia 900, and has been holding forth on everything from tablets to quad-core processors.

Speaking to TechRadar, Elop argued that jumping on board the quad-core bandwagon was all fine and well if all you're interested in is keeping up with the Jones's, but Nokia is more interested in the experience than the specification.

"You don't need a quad-core phone unless you want to keep your hands warm in your pocket," Elop argued. "It's a constant dilemma in technology. There will also be some company or product where whatever the spec item is, they will have n times two of whatever and the other products only have n. There will always be that.

"We're believers in the experience so, fine you have this camera density and you have that camera density. Let's put the pictures side-by-side and we'll show which ones are better."

There's no doubt that no matter what he does in the future Elop will always be remembered primarily as the man who ditched Nokia's trusty old Symbian in favour of Microsoft's corporate juggernaut Windows Phone. Fans were outraged - but Elop insists it was the right decision from a pure business point of view.

"We selected an alternative platform because we were enduring a significant decline in Symbian.

"We were hearing from consumers that it had some pretty fundamental competitive challenges that there was [no way to solve]. We could see what was happening; reports of market share decline, in the United States and also in Great Britain and so on. So we took action based on that."

"In terms of our R&D, the dollars that we spend are far more focused on those things where we can differentiate, where the innovation is truly meaningful. We're spending far less money now on the underlying plumbing that people don't see... we've reduced our costs by partnering with Microsoft.

"My belief is that the effectiveness of that innovation, because we're focused on those things that really set us apart, will be higher than they were before, because so much of our investment before had to go into the underlying elements of sustaining a platform."

So the future for Nokia is Windows Phone, right or wrong. And we're sure to see plenty more lower-end handsets arriving as the range grows, while Elop is keen to make sure that developing markets are tapped into as well - markets where Nokia already is a market leader thanks to its strong Series 40 portfolio.

As for tablets, though... who can say? He certainly can't, but says the exposure that Windows Phone's Metro interface is getting now through the likes of the Lumia 900 will smooth the way for other devices coming in behind it, including potentially tablets.

"The amount of visibility that [the Lumia 900] user experience is going to get is not just limited to [phones], but covers PCs and tablets around the world. That's all good news.

"We see some opportunities there. I want to make sure that whatever other footprint area we play in, we can differentiate there as well. There's going to be a lot of Windows 8 tablets and PCs - can we be different, can we do something, and if so that would be interesting."

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equ  Jan. 20, 2012 at 19:08

Sounds like cutting the grass while the house is burning. Or is that a platform?

And its cheaky talking about side by side comparason of cameras when Nokia camera have been very disapointing (Apart from the N8) in the last couple of years. Even Apple is putting very good cameras on their phone these days.

Treab  Jan. 20, 2012 at 19:36

Can we all just agree nokia is dead? all it needs is to be taken out back and put down...

let us remember the glory days and forget its an outdated incompetent company who is blind to the reality. no-body needs dual cores or quad cores... PEOPLE WANT THEM. its a deep seated reality we all want to be better than others we all want the latest thing (in our own way) because its a sign that 'im better than you' nokia time to wake up and die.

JanSt / MOD  Jan. 20, 2012 at 20:41

It's funny - he was the dude who called Nokia's Symbian OS a "burning platform", obsolete and behind the competition... Now he says, lets stay behind the competition in terms of hardware and lets instead focus on finetuning an unpopular OS... Has he heard of "Deja Vu"?

blizzard7  Jan. 20, 2012 at 21:19

Quad-core phones are complete overkill right now. Some well engineered dualies that use as little battery as possible is what people want right now. The software side has barely started to take full advantage of the current batch of dual-cores anyway. I would say current software on current processors is similar to looking at an Xbox 360 game from 2005 and looking at an Xbox 360 game from 2011. Same insides, but the software ends up massively improved as devs get to grips with the hardware.

jmarcelino  Jan. 20, 2012 at 23:24

I like performance but would agree a quad core on a phone would be more of a liability than of real practical use at the moment. It's not like they even make that much sense on laptops, dual cores is where the sweet spot is.

The big growth area is still the GPU, and hopefully this year we'll see a shift from the current devices packing the limited OpenGL ES capable chips to new ones supporting the full, desktop-level, non-ES variety.

The other thing is this is kind of the make-or-break year for Nokia and the Windows Phone 7 platform. I wouldn't ditch them just yet, hearing a lot about the Lumia 900.

Treab  Jan. 20, 2012 at 23:34

now now jm. windows 7.5 and nokia are like old yella... both rabid and both need a shotgun barrel to the back of the head...

chickendoodler  Apr. 10, 2012 at 05:15

now now jm. windows 7.5 and nokia are like old yella... both rabid and both need a shotgun barrel to the back of the head...
It's weird.


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