Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 smartphone pictured?

Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 smartphone pictured?As the dust starts to settle around Nokrisoft-gate, we're all starting to think about what a Nokia phone running Microsoft software will actually look like.

Well, it may just be a concept creation, but the good news is that we can reveal the answer to that very question, thanks to an image supplied to the chaps over at Engadget.

So what can we tell from the device in question? Well, to be honest, nothing much at all. Nokia and Microsoft have promised to move fast in getting hardware to market, but the device in question looks to be little more than a few good guesses rendered in visual form.

For instance, Nokia aficionados will recognise the familiar trio of black, pink and blue colour choices (what, no lime green?), though to be fair, there's no reason why partnering with Microsoft would have any effect on Nokia's colour decisions for its handsets.

The obvious nod to Windows Phone 7 is the trio of keys below the screen, with the Windows logo at their centre – a sight many Nokia fans probably thought they'd never see.

Other than that, though, the design principles seem to echo those Nokia already had in place for future devices. So the question is this – is this just a purely conceptual design, or proof of Steve Ballmer's claim that on an engineering level Microsoft and Nokia have already been co-operating for some time?

We won't judge them too harshly on this one, but one of the acid tests for the partnership is the length of time it takes to take devices from the concept stage to the retail shelves. The clock is ticking.

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