Nokia's first Windows Phone still on for Q4, says Elop

Nokia's first Windows Phone still on for Q4, says ElopNokia boss Stephen Elop has once again insisted that the company's first Windows Phone will see the light of day before the turn of the year.

Elop says the all-important handset will launch country by country, which explains remarks from a Nokia Australia exec saying not to expect the phone until Q1 2012, which some had thought meant it had been delayed globally.

Not so, says Elop: “we're sequencing the roll-out: it will be available in one country after another after another over time.”

He was making the remarks in an interview while in China to set up deals with the country's networks, which maybe explains the overly elaborate wording.

It does leave us wondering how literal that sequential roll-out will be, though. Are we really talking one country at a time? In which case, the obvious next question is what number is the UK?

Given that we've been given the cold shoulder by the Nokia N9, we'd certainly hope for a small number, but either way confirmation that the much-bandied about "Sea Ray" will indeed be on sale before the end of the year – or to use Elop's wording “will be in the market in the world in Q4” – can only be good news.

Nokia fans will find plenty more of interest in the rest of the interview, including Elop's thoughts on the Google-Motorola deal, which you can check out for yourself on Youtube.

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