Nvidia to announce quad-core Tegra 3 chips at MWC?

Nvidia to announce quad-core Tegra 3 chips at MWC?We all know the world of technology doesn't stand still, but even with that in mind Nvidia seems to be speeding along at the speed of – well, one of its Tegra 2 processors.

But if the new wave of superphones running those Tegra 2 processors are impressive – and they certainly are – that's nothing compared to what the company looks to have lined up yet.

For while the UK will be getting its first taste of dual-core smartphone next month with the launch of LG's Optimus 2X, Nvidia might be making its way to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress to talk about the Tegra 3 chip, and bring the term “quad-core” to everyone's lips.

Admittedly, the basis for the speculation is a little on the tenuous side at this stage. In an interview with Hexus, Tegra general manager Mike Rayfield was asked when we could expect Tegra 3 to make an appearance.

“I'm going to come pretty close to my cadence of a launch every year,” Rayfield responded. “It will be in production around the same time as my competitors' first dual-cores will.”

Given that Tegra 2 was launched at last year's CES in January, we'd say Mobile World Congress 13 months later would quality as being “pretty close” to a year later.

That's about as substantial as things are right now, but we'll certainly be keeping an eye on things over the next few weeks to sniff out more clues as to what Nvidia's got up its sleeve, and when we can expect to see it.

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