Nvidia: quad-core tablets this year, quad-core smartphones 2012

Nvidia: quad-core tablets this year, quad-core smartphones 2012It seems like only yesterday that we were wetting ourselves at the prospect of dual-core processors, and now Nvidia has reiterated that we can expect to see quad-core devices before the year is out. Cripes.

Specifically, we’re told to expect quad-core tablets soonish, but smartphones will have to wait till 2012.

Nvidia has been vying for high-end smartphone supremacy with rivals Qualcomm. Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s President and Chief Exec, tells Forbes: “We’re the only people seriously on the dance floor with Qualcomm. We’re really the only two active players [in the high-end mobile processor market].”

Huang reckons Nvidia has a 50% share in Android “superphones” and a 70% share of the Android tablet market. In future it aims to move into more mainstream phones, and ultimately Nvidia hopes to ship 1 billion mobile processors by 2015.

At present, Nvidia’s bread and butter is in GPUs, accounting for $4.5 billion of its business, while its mobile action makes up just (ahem) $2 billion.

via: Forbes

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