Nvidia unveils Tegra 4i with quad-core and LTE

Nvidia unveils Tegra 4i with quad-core and LTEBack at CES in January, Nvidia unveiled the “world’s fastest mobie processor”, namely the Tegra 4.

One thing missing from the Tegra 4 was integrated LTE, but six weeks on Nvidia has addressed that particular shortcoming (if that’s the right word) with the Tegra 4i.

The new chap is codenamed Grey (presumably after X-Men’s Jean Grey), and is in fact a tad more modest than the Tegra 4.

While the Tegra 4 will handle the high end (including both tablets and smartphones), the Tegra 4i will “bring super phone capabilities to the mainstream smartphone market”.

What’s the diff? Well, the Tegra 4i adopts the same 4+1 set-up, though it’s based on Cortex-A9 architecture as opposed to the Tegra 4’s Cortex–A15.

There are also a dozen fewer GPU cores, and the loftier Tegra 4 supports higher resolutions than the Tegra 4i.

And of course the Tegra 4’s optional Nvidia i500 modem is fully integrated in the Tegra 4i, yielding a chip “half the size of its nearest competitor”.

Nvidia has also introduced its Phoenix development platform in order to showcase the Tegra 4i. The 5in 1080p device is just 8mm thick, and while those specs suggest a high-end chap by today's standards, Nvidia reckons that’ll be the norm before long.

via: The Verge

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Pondlife  Feb. 20, 2013 at 14:13

Well 1080p should be a high enough resolution for phones for time being anyway..


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