Nvidia 'working hard' with Microsoft on second-gen Surface tablet

Nvidia 'working hard' with Microsoft on second-gen Surface tabletWe've been hearing rumours about a second-generation Microsoft Surface tablet for a while, and processor partner Nvidia has now come out and confirmed the Surface 2 is indeed on the way.

The news comes directly from Nvidia CEO Jan-Hsun Huang himself from an interview with CNET, in which he said Nvidia was “working really hard” on the follow-up Microsoft tablet.

And so it should be, given how big a sales disappointment the original has been, and particularly the entry-level Surface RT.

Yet while most have pointed the finger firmly at the Windows RT operating system as the weak link, Huang went further and specified the lack of a native version of Outlook at launch as the key weakness in the RT chain.

“It is the killer app for Windows,” Huang opined. “Now we're going to bring it with the second-generation Surface. We're working really hard on it, and we hope that it's going to be a big success.”

Microsoft has refused to comment on the speculation, but in reality it simply confirms what we've all taken for granted for a while now.

Reports have also suggested that while Nvidia has indeed been retained to provide chips for the second-generation, Microsoft has also turned to Qualcomm and its in-demand Snapdragon 800, presumably for the flagship model(s).

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