O2 “taking on the deals market” with Priority Moments

O2 “taking on the deals market” with Priority MomentsO2 has announced its intention to “take the voucher market mainstream” [sic] with Priority Moments, a new location-based deals thingy.

Priority Moments is available in app form for iOS and Android, and there’s the obligatory mobile site too, so even feature phone users can get in on the action.

The app uses GPS to recommend nearby deals. For those with old-school dumbphones, cell tower triangulation is used to determine location.

O2’s Marketing and Consumer Director, Sally Cowdry, boasted: “Only O2 can do this. No other companies in this space have the direct, loyal relationship with the customer.

“O2 is a trusted brand and through Priority Moments we have established long term partnerships with well loved and respected brands that people want to engage with regularly. You will consistently find offers and experiences from O2 and these companies over a long period of time.”

There are currently 30 brands on board with O2’s Priority Moments, offering 40 individual deals, and O2 reckons you could save £105 per month. Er, that’s if you go to the Odeon twice a week, buy a bag from Harvey Nichols, ride the National Express from London to Edinburgh, dine in Zizzi, buy a book from WH Smith and grab some £60 running shoes from JJB Sports. Every month.

Other brands involved include Yo! Sushi (mmm), Pizza Hut, Little Chef and, of course, O2 themselves.

“The key word here is priority,” continues Sally. “We designed the service to make life easier, cheaper and more enjoyable for our customers. This is not a tactical programme of one-off deals – it’s about building a long-term, nationwide service that benefits both our customers and our partners.

“With Priority Moments we are bringing our customers exclusive, special offers and experiences from their favourite brands in a way that works for them. The combination of mobile, great offers and experiences by trusted companies with long term partnerships creates what we believe is a special service.”

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