O2 International Calling Card, £5 @ O2 Store

O2 International Calling Card, £5 @ O2 Store[O2 International Calling Card, £5 @ O2 Store]

O2’s International Calling Card costs £5, and offers low rates to a number of countries around the world. You simply dial a number (free from O2 mobiles), enter your unique PIN then dial the number you want. Easy.

The card encompasses dozens of countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The rates are as a low as 1p/min (for Indian landlines and mobiles). All calls to the USA are 2p/min. Check out the full list of rates here.

You don’t have to be an O2 customer to use the International Calling Card. The number is compatible with all networks.

(Thanks to mrbg07546 at HUKD)

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mikhan1948  Jun. 7, 2011 at 21:14

how can i make a cheep internation call from O2 pay as you go.

tintintoe  Jul. 2, 2011 at 09:12

Could you tell me the cheapest way to call Myanmar via o2 as we need to talk to Myanmar a great deal. At the moment we are using my country tariff.Thank you.

elkopi  May. 25, 2013 at 15:27

not true.

o2 changes rates. one day you talk for 2p per minute and another for 46p per minute.

watch out


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