Three and O2 set to join Xperia Play party

Three and O2 set to join Xperia Play partyThree has told Pocket-lint that it’ll soon stock the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. It’ll be available on contract and PAYG, with both options offering all-you-can-eat data.

The PAYG option is far from cheap. It’ll set you back a fairly massive £499 for the handset, and there’s still the tariff to add on. Three’s All in One 15 gives you 300 minutes and 3,000 texts for £15 per month, while All in One 25 includes 500 minutes and 3,000 texts for £25.

On contract, you can pay £99 up front and £35 per month, or £49 for the handset and £40 per month. Both options are on Three’s The One Plan, which includes 2,000 minutes and 5,000 texts.

Sylvia Chind, Three’s head of Handsets, says: “The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is an exciting new device that really helps demonstrate the change in the way people want to use their phones. As well as mobile communications, it is about entertainment and gaming and shows how all these things can be combined into just one device. And when you combine these features with a fast 3G network and a generous data allowance, you get a fantastic mobile experience.”

Meanwhile, O2 is hopeful of getting in on the action soon. The network had hoped to offer the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play from April 1, but aborted at the eleventh hour as a result of bugs found during testing.

Writing on O2 Blog, Stuart Hibberd, head of O2’s testing team, reports: “We’ve received new software from Sony Ericsson which we’ve been testing here and, I’m happy to report, it has fixed a lot of the bugs that would have stopped our customers having a great experience when they use the PLAY. This is an important milestone for us and means the PLAY is nearly ready to go on sale.”

Vodafone is reportedly sold out of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and shortages are expected to last for months as a result of the Japanese earthquake.

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