O2 and Vodafone network merger gets the go-ahead

O2 and Vodafone network merger gets the go-aheadMoany old O2 and Vodafone have been rather outspoken about this whole EE LTE thing. Clearly they aren’t happy, and now they’re forming a tag-team to take on Orange and T-Mobile’s combo.

Suggested names (by us) include Vo2 and O daFone. Pretty good, no? Rubbish names aside, the Office of Fair Trading heartily approves of the merger.

The plan is essentially to create one big giant network supporting two independent – and indeed competing – companies. Ah, so they mightn’t need a silly Everything Everywhere-style name after all.

The pair will easily meet Ofcom’s 2017 deadline for 98% population coverage, with indoor 2, 3 and even 4G by 2015.

Ronan Dunne, CEO of Telefónica UK, purred: "This partnership is about working smarter as an industry, so that we can focus on what really matters to our customers – delivering a superfast network up to two years faster than Ofcom envisages and to as many people as possible.

“One physical grid, running independent networks, will mean broader coverage and, crucially, investment in innovation and better competition for the customer. We look forward to Ofcom's spectrum auction and the release of 800 spectrum."

Vodafone UK’s CEO, Guy Laurence, adds: "This is excellent news for British consumers, businesses and the wider economy: we are promising indoor coverage for 98% of the UK population across all technologies within three years.

“We will bring the best mobile coverage that this country has ever enjoyed to more people than ever before. Our existing customers will benefit on the devices that they have today and we will lay the foundations for the real 4G network they will want tomorrow."

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 2, 2012 at 12:09

Lets merge them all. Lets call it the networks homeland service - or: NHS v2.0.
Hey, Vodafone Ireland currently call themselves "The only network fast enough to handle the iPhone 5" - subtly creating the illusion they were 4G ready. Why? They call it "Dual-Carrier technology"... LOL, it means they share infrastructure with Three. Granted, the joint venture patches some 3G potholes, but it's not faster than other networks' 3G, and complete black spots are still that: complete black spots.

Pondlife  Oct. 2, 2012 at 16:19

Might as well call it nhs, government set on destroying the current one anyway.
Had no idea they were even trying to merge..

ian2606  Oct. 3, 2012 at 12:46

O2 need something like this if it helps get better 3g coverage, and even 2g in some areas. Where I live (Barnsley, South Yorkshire), 2g is ok but I lose coverage in some rooms at home. 3g is terrible, the fastest speedtest I have done on 3g is 0.03mb/s. Takes at least 10 seconds to load a web page.
I also work for O2 and we get lots if customers with very poor 3g, thats if they get it at all.
T-mobile and 3 are decent in this area, dont know about Vodafone but its got to be better than what O2 is at moment.
If I didnt work for O2 I wouldnt use them. Its only because I get a discount that I use them. I have good broadband at home so use wifi, so dont mind about 3g here much.

Harryisme  Oct. 3, 2012 at 15:54

So we'll soon be going from Four competitors to just Two? Good to we'll have plenty of choice then...oh wait I forgot about the Three Network.

Well the new name can't be worse the Everything Everywhere, They opened a store in town few months back...and everyone i've talked to had no idea who they were, for months I thought the just sold phone accesesories, or were a local Moblie phone dealer. The place is always deserted too.


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