“Help me, Obi Wan” augmented reality high jinks

“Help me, Obi Wan” augmented reality high jinksYou probably haven’t heard of brothers Christopher and Jason Laan, the siblings behind Laan Labs. They’re responsible for Tap DJ, AR Soccer and the Fireplace App that, er, “turns your Mac into a realistic fireplace”.

More recently, the pair has used a combination of technologies to produce a decidedly Star Wars-esque visual effect.

Using the motion-capture technology of Microsoft’s Kinect, the duo captured 3D data from one of the brothers. Combined with the String Augmented Reality SDK, the 3D model is visible via their iPad’s viewfinder.

The result, as demonstrated in this YouTube video, is that one of the brothers appears to be standing on a table in miniaturised form. They even add a cool (or should I say “geeky”?) Star Wars effect at the end. Impressive stuff.

You can read more about the brothers’ wacky adventures at Laan Labs.

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triptix  Jul. 4, 2011 at 21:40

Excellent- the force is strong in this one !


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