October 2014: mobile madness take 2

October 2014: mobile madness take 2On Tuesday I detailed the insanity that was September 2014: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the iWatch; the second-gen Motorola Moto X with Moto Maker; the Samsung Galaxy Note 4; a whole bunch of Sony stuff with ‘3’ in the name – including the Xperia Z3; the BlackBerry Passport.

But if you thought October was all about Halloween and candy (sorry, sweets), think again. When it comes to New Stuff, month10 is set to be every bit as generous as September.

Much of October’s goodies are merely expected at this point; we don’t have concrete launch dates, but the invites are almost certainly in the post.

As such, I’ll throw this stuff out in a largely random order as it pops into my head. Ready?

October 2014: mobile madness take 2HTC Double Exposure (October 8)

Oddly, HTC started shouting about its Double Exposure event around three weeks ago, and we’ve still a week to go. What could be worth a full month of teasing?

Well, from what we can gather, it doesn’t sound like anything worth getting too excited about – that’s despite the seemingly high-profile New York-based launch, and HTC's promise of "something remarkable".

Consensus is we’ll meet a new smartphone called the HTC One M8 Eye, essentially a One M8 with a 13MP rear camera instead of the 4MP UltraPixel shooter on the latter. And that’s seemingly it as far as the new phone goes. Really?

Contender number two is some sort of GoPro-esque waterproof action camera. It’s seemingly shown off in this YouTube video.

Considering all the other stuff that’s going/gone on, we can’t help but hope HTC has something else up its sleeve. One M8 Max, maybe?

In any case, full story in six days...

October 2014: mobile madness take 2Apple’s new iPads

With the next generation of iPads just weeks away, we really haven’t heard a great deal about them, and indeed we’re wondering how Apple can truly build upon the already-impressive iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

Tablet shipments recently suffered their first-ever year-on-year loss (NPD DisplaySearch), and while Apple isn’t exactly struggling alone, all eyes are on the Californians to see if they can pull something special out of the bag; revitalise an industry hurting from the rise of phablets – including – ironically – their very own iPhone 6 Plus.

To be honest, our hopes aren’t particularly high, with the usual promise of “thinner and lighter” being touted by anonymous shadowy figures, alongside the notion of Touch ID fingerprint scanners. At this point you’d be forgiven for wondering: ‘They don’t have Touch ID already?’ Nah, not yet.

Split-screen multitasking is a possibility, too, though the larger enterprise/education-focused iPad Pro isn’t expected till 2015.

October 2014: mobile madness take 2Google/Android/Nexus

Apple is traditionally a bit of a spotlight hog in September and October, but its nemesis Google has recently favoured Halloween (give or take) for its big annual launch thingy.

Android L is the headline here, introducing – among other things – Material Design (vibrant, layered, real-time shadows, floating effects), Heads-up notifications, 64-bit support, Project Volta for increased battery life, and a remote “Kill Switch”.

Google likes to show off its latest operating system on some shiny new hardware, and while there were rumours that Nexus might be dead earlier this year, we’re now braced for not one but two new pieces of hardware.

The first is the Motorola-built Google Nexus 6, essentially a larger version of the Moto X (2014) with emphatically top-of-the-range specs. Sounds delicious.

The other is HTC’s Google Nexus 9, a tablet that is – like the Nexus 6 – very much at the high end of the spectrum. It’s way more premium than the Google Nexus 7 series, and will likely command a suitably premium price.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 2, 2014 at 13:15


Halloween season already?

To be honest - none of those devices get me the least bit excited or scared...
I reckon I get my paws on a Passport - simply because it's different. There: I said it! I want something different. For a change. Probably just for 3 days until different turns to annoying, but heck....
The Z3 Compact looks interesting - but I have not much faith in Sony...
And if I go bigger than the Z3 Compact, I may as well go nuts.

A new iPad 'Air'? Can it possibly be faster? Pffft... To this day I haven't once thought, "this is cr*p - gimme speed" when I use my BH's iPad 2. I'd never use a tablet's camera - so: double pffft IF that area will be the biggie. TouchID? Yeah, okay. But I reckon IF you need something like TouchID for your 'safety' and 'privacy', you're probably lost already :p

Aaaah... Halloween. The months of cynicism. Enjoy.

Caveat: that HTC device might be interesting, camera-wise, but I don't like the feel of the One M7/M8, tbh. Looks? Stunning. Feel? Bad... And I reckon Consumer Reports have a case... I know 2 people who had relatively minor incidents with their M8 that led to case separation.
It's not a device I'd wanna drop.


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