October 26: the date we'll see the first Nokia Windows Phone?

October 26: the date we'll see the first Nokia Windows Phone?A Nokia staffer revealed recently that the company intended an Apple-esque wall of secrecy around the development of its debut Windows Phone smartphone, with us gossip-hungry mobile tongue-waggers only finding out what it wants us to know about the upcoming devices.

And there's something vaguely Apple-flavoured about the latest rumours doing the rounds – that Nokia will unveil its much-debated WinPho champion on October 26. Because it's a rumour based on almost zero substance.

It goes something like this: Nokia is hard at work developing its Windows Phone arsenal, and the latest word from Nokia boss Stephen Elop is that the all-important debut handset is on track to launch by the end of the year.

Then, Nokia announces the dates for its annual Nokia World shindig in London, revealing it'll be doing its thing on October 26 and 27.

Various bright sparks then put two and two together, figuring that those dates are vaguely end-of-the-year-ish, and a story is born.

Yet while it's important to note that there are no concrete facts backing up the speculation, there's a fair bit of sense in the idea. Nokia is sure to announce something at Nokia World, after all, and it would be a curious mixed message for that “something” to be yet another Symbian smartphone with the Windows Phone era looming so large on the horizon.

The Windows Phone Mango update should be running smoothly by then too, and a late October announcement would be timed sensibly for an on-sale date leading into the holiday season.

In other words, baseless rumour it may be – but that don't make it untrue.

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Stelph  Jun. 23, 2011 at 10:16

I wouldnt be surprised if Nokia were running full pelt to get a Nokia WP7 phone out ASAP, especially since the N9 is out about a month before hand especially since (I assume) one of the agreements make with Microsoft when taking on WP7 (and accepting all that cash) was to publicly cut ties with Meego

This blog post by a Meego developer at Nokia is interesting:


Emotions are still pretty strong within Nokia it seems, it is a real shame that Nokia came out and shot down Meego as well, I think Nokia's strongest position would have been to cut Symbian (as they have done) but promote both Meego and Windows 7 phone, since what I have read and seen about Meego is quite exciting, and it looks pretty comfortable at both the cutting edge and budget end of the spectrum (as nice as the N9 is, the specs arent cutting edge so will a simpler case and smaller screen it would still look/work great)


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