October sees iPhone 4S blitz the smartphone field

October sees iPhone 4S blitz the smartphone fieldThere may have been a few protests when the iPhone 4S turned out not to be the redesigned space-age uberphone we were hoping for, but it certainly doesn't seem to have harmed Apple's sales figures.

In fact, the figures suggest that the iPhone 4S accounted for 42.8% of all smartphones sold in the UK in October, more than all Android handsets combined, and around triple the number of iPhone 4 sales the month before.

Apple launches tend to be significant industry events, but a combination of high expectations and a longer-then-usual wait for the fifth-generation Apple handset to arrive saw the iPhone 4S' launch completely turn the smartphone market on its head.

In the 12 weeks leading up to the start of October, Android was the operating system on board 49% of smartphones sold in the UK, according to figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, while Apple's share was just 18.5% as the whole market waited for the arrival of the iPhone 4S.

However, pent up demand turned the figures on their head once the handset finally went on sale, with The Guardian claiming the iPhone outsold the combined might of Android by 42.8% to 35%.

Those predicting the imminent demise of BlackBerry maker RIM should note that the Canadian firm still accounts for just under 20% of the smartphone market, a drop of less than 1.5% from a year earlier, and way ahead of supposed 'third ecosystem' favourite Window Phone and its 1% stake in the market.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what the next set of figures show. The initial demand for the iPhone 4S will have settled, while we'll get our first chance to see if Nokia's big marketing push for the Lumia 800 will have paid off in the run-up to Christmas.

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Stelph  Nov. 30, 2011 at 11:28

Well not surprising really since the iPhone was a large hyped launch, I dont think Android had a similar large launch in October so obviosuly the iPhone was going to do well, I guess sales have probably settled back down now (possibly even swung back to Android after the Nexus S)

aellingsonmlms  Nov. 30, 2011 at 17:42

Apple has held a 10% market share in the PC OS market for about 30 years? Not impressive, but enough to make them a more valuable company than Microsoft who holds a 90% market share with PC OS's. Do the math. As more and more smartphones running Android come into the market the the iPhones share diminishes. If ten Android phones enter the market and they all get only 5% market share, that still leave Apple with only 50% remaining. As best as I can tell there are 35 Android phones on the market. OS is almost meaningless as far as market share.When are people going to understand this?


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