OCZ ARC100 480GB Solid State Drive just £109.99

OCZ ARC100 480GB Solid State Drive  just £109.99

OCZ ARC 100 480GB down to £109.99 Via Amazon

If you're wanting to give your laptop or desktop PC a boost, the OCZ ARC 100 SSD drive may just be what you need. The Solid state drive market has been gradually becoming more and more affordable over the last few years. If you have not yet made the jump over to the SSD world, you will find that boot and load times will be vastly increased. Solid state drives are ideal if your ageing laptop or desktop PC is getting sluggish or you just want a speed boost that you won't get from a RAM upgrade.

OCZ suffered some heavy blows a few years back thanks to controller issues on many of their SSD units, although they seem to be redeeming themselves in 2015. Reviews are pretty darn good this time around, so things are looking great. The official specs note that this drive has a sequential read of 490/MB/s and a Sequential write speed at 450MB/s and comes with a 3 year warranty - Full Specs Here

Thanks to spy_master over @HUKD for spotting this

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