Ofcom eyes MOD spectrum and more for 5G

Ofcom eyes MOD spectrum and more for 5GAfter spending what felt like an eternity sorting out UK 4G (controversially giving EE a head start in 2012 and later auctioning spectrum), Ofcom is looking ahead to the next generation of mobile data.

The regulator has identified several potential spectrum bands as it contemplates lightning-fast 5G.

Specifically, Ofcom has its eyes on the 2.3 and 3.4GHz bands currently occupied by the Ministry of Defence, and the 700MHz band used by digital terrestrial TV, in addition to “white spaces”.

Looking even further ahead, Ofcom likes the look of spectrum in the 3.6GHz band, currently pertaining to satellite links.

In total, the identified spectrum amounts to seven times the volume auctioned off for 4G earlier this year.

“The demands for mobile data will only increase as millions more wireless devices connect to the internet and each other," bawled Ed Richards, Ofcom’s chief exec.

“We’re looking at ways to use spectrum more efficiently and consider future releases of prime spectrum. By doing so, we can help to meet the significant demands placed on our wireless infrastructure and develop one of the world’s leading digital economies.”

Realistically, we're looking at a wait of around 10 years for consumer 5G. In the meantime, there's LTE and LTE-Advanced.

via: The Telegraph

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