Office Rush HD iPhone review

Office Rush HD iPhone reviewWe recently featured Office Rush HD in The best free iPhone games – part 4, however it deserves a lot more than a mere couple of paragraphs in the middle of a feature. It’s really good, y’see.

Office Rush HD is a puzzler/platformer with a twist. Each level is split into a number of cards, and you have to shuffle the cards around to access different parts of the level.

But it’s not just a simple case of moving from one adjacent card to another. The sides of the cards must match, a bit like dominos in a sense. Any platforms or gaps or walls have to tie up. For example, if you want to drop into a card via a hole in the ceiling, you have to find a card with an identical hole in its floor.

The levels usually involve completing a task before hitting the exit. The security guard has to take out the ninja, the secretary has to find water to make coffee for her boss, and the manager has to reach the photocopier with some vital documents.

A clock ticks down, leaving you with a star rating from one to three when you finish. If you get three stars across a full set of levels, you’re rewarded with a mind-boggling bonus stage, and the opportunity to win bonus points.

The learning curve is just right. The How to Play tutorial moves seamlessly into the main game. The first few levels are intentionally simple, but before you know it you’ll be shuffling half a dozen cards and frowning as you wonder how the hell you’re supposed to get to the photocopier.

As with a lot of the better iPhone games, my main/only gripe is with the controls. Instead of having a virtual d-pad with a jump button, Office Rush HD opts for left and right arrows in the corners of the screen. Pressing left while moving right (and vice versa) makes your little stick figure jump. It works ok-ish for the most part, but occasionally you’ll find yourself zooming out in error (usually accessed with a double-tap).

Ending on a more positive note, Office Rush looks great. The action takes place on graph paper, and looks as though it’s been drawn with coloured pencils.


  • Looks great
  • Perfect learning curve
  • It’s free!


  • Later levels are pretty difficult
  • Touch controls suck (as always)
  • Just one tune throughout the whole game

Summary: Office Rush HD is a challenging and fairly unique platforming puzzler, and it’s totally free. What’s not to like?

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Developer: Semyon Milbert for XIMAD

Price: free! @ App Store

Office Rush HD iPhone review

Office Rush HD iPhone review

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