Can we officially say HTC is in trouble now?

Can we officially say HTC is in trouble now?There's no question a company's in trouble when it needs to produce the best smartphone on the planet just to survive.

But there's a worse place to be in: the one where you've done just that, and it's still not enough. Welcome to the world HTC finds itself in.

You know the back-story already: HTC, the one-time Android darling fallen from grace, turns the formbook on its head and gives us the HTC One, arguably the best phone money can buy (or at least until the Sony Xperia Z1 goes on sale – again, arguably).

But here's the rub: HTC has just announced its August revenues have come in at just NT$13.2bn, or £283m, which is a full 47% down on last year – you know, before it was making the best phone on the planet.

That adds up to some serious bad news. Yes, the HTC One mini has just gone on sale, and the new Desire 300 and Desire 601 will soon be weighing in with a bit of cash to add to the kitty, not to mention the HTC One Max phablet, which is due in the next month or two.

There's a rumour that an updated One is on the way, but there's no way it or any of HTC's other incoming handsets will have as big an impact as the original, and we know now that wasn't enough to arrest the slide. Plus we're going to see all kinds of seriously good smartphones touching down over the rest of the year as the big Christmas cash-cow starts coming into view.

It's getting increasingly difficult to see a happy ending to this one.


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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 5, 2013 at 18:52

Yes, we can. I think they all are in trouble.
The flagships we all love to talk about still only make up less than 5% of the phones in use. So, HTC One or none... it means little compared to Samsung's 40+ Galaxy variants. It's a bit like Hollywood and its big Blockbusters. They hardly cover production costs these days... A mass of cheap stuff is raking in the money for vanity projects.

And that big fri*ging elephant in the room just isn't budging: the, psssh, economy. I know quite a few people who, 2 or 3 years ago would just buy any new-big-thing... use it for a months and sell it - the loss written off as fun-tax. Ain't happening much anymore. And added insult: The flagships aren't even on the shelves when the next two get leaked.
It's as if the corporations all believe their own BS.
Enron lives on!

matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 5, 2013 at 19:53

After Blackberry, I think HTC are going to be the next manufacturer to be bought out and eventually fade into obscurity. Shame, I really liked my HTC Desire. It's been going downhill for HTC since back when it was a case of Sensation vs Galaxy S2 at the top end, a fight HTC lost...miserably. The safe money for an Android device nowadays lies with either Samsung or a Nexus, so that'll be Samsung for your average consumer.

JanSt / MOD  Sep. 5, 2013 at 20:12

Shame though: One S, 8S etc etc etc It's not like they can't make decent devices... There's just always something wrong.

simsim77  Sep. 5, 2013 at 23:48

I loved my HTC Desire HD, first smartphone I had, and thus, I loved HTC, until, two weeks before they were due to release the Ice Cream Sandwich for it, TWO WEEKS, after making us wait for over a year after its release... they canned it. Barely an apology, lame excuse, saying they couldn't do it on the hardware (xda developers proved them wrong in weeks) and they wouldn't even release the kernel so developers could make it all work properly).

I personally will never buy HTC again. Given how important the HTC Desire HD was to relatively early adopters in the smartphone market, it appears at least some others feel the same.

BlueLyric804  Sep. 6, 2013 at 14:32

I've really been satisfied with my HTC phones in the past, and would hate to see the company fail. I loved my BlackBerries several years ago, too, but don't even consider them an option anymore.

Anyway, the HTC One seems like an awesome phone, so I ordered it earlier this week when I saw a great online upgrade offer. Unfortunately, I'm "awaiting inventory" and becoming a bit impatient. This is likely no fault of HTC's, of course, since the phone seems to be widely available in my area. Still, I'm considering just buying a different phone at this point. And yes, I could just pay a higher price to get the One at my local Best Buy, Sprint, etc., but I wouldn't feel right doing so with great online offers being advertised.

Another issue is waiting for carrier upgrade discounts. I know very few people willing to pay $500+ when savings of $300 or more are available to new customers and current customers who can extend their contract. For example, I wanted to purchase the One months ago, but felt stuck with my current cellphone, which makes me somewhat reluctant to upgrade in general, especially when upcoming releases are expected, like the HTC M8 that's mention. No matter how fabulous the M8 might be, I'm not getting in 2014 if I upgrade now. I'm surprised more cellphone manufacturers aren't having problems because the cellphone industry has quite a few annoying quirks that could be improved to help the numbers.

JanSt / MOD  Sep. 6, 2013 at 21:55

Contracts are getting more and more bizarre! Consider resale value. Down. And even new prices. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active has already lost 25% of its original sim-free price. Other models fare even worse. Seen a HTC 8X for 25% of its original price 3 months after launch. I'm talking NEW phones!!! Even iPhones aren't immune anymore though they do keep their value slightly longer. And flagships now launch every couple of months.
But networks still lock people into 24 months contracts that are only tempting based on a NEW release list price that is obsolete by the time your signature is dry.

It IS BS! Sorry. And then you learn they ALL not only cooperated with the NSA because they had to; nope, they accepted payment. It drives me mad, and I don't understand why everybody shrugs it off!!! People rage on and on when a phone doesn't get the latest firmware update. Oh, boohoo... But getting milked and the cream gets sold on while you wonder how you can reach that lovely carot on that pretty stick???

We are sad.

There. Rant over.
And: The One is a nice device. Like a few other Android phones.


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