OnePlus 2 to include USB Type-C

OnePlus 2 to include USB Type-C

It isn't the first phone to embrace the new port - that honour belongs to the LeTV One Max - but it was announced today over Twitter that the upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone will include a USB Type-C port. The new open standard port is a big deal because of a number of factors, such as how the cable is the same at both ends, how it can deliver up to 100w of power while charging, and how it can act as a video port in both directions - meaning phone-to-computer & computer-to-phone.

Perhaps the most attractive feature is its small size, which potentially allows computing devices such as laptops and smartphones to become even thinner as a result. Considering the benefits USB Type-C brings, the fact one of the big brand smartphones is using it is big news. Hopefully we'll see more devices utilizing the port in the future.

[Via Gizmondo]

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