OnePlus Two confirmed, perhaps smaller than the OnePlus One?

OnePlus Two confirmed, perhaps smaller than the OnePlus One?We’re pleased to see a manufacturer finally harking back to the days when smartphone names actually made sense.

The successor to the OnePlus One, the logically named OnePlus Two, has officially been confirmed, and there are suggestions here and there that it might be smaller than the first guy (left).

The OnePlus One took its sweet time becoming a reality, after seemingly endless amounts of talk, so it comes as little surprise to hear that we might have as long as a year to wait for the OnePlus Two.

Specifically, the OnePlus Two is pencilled in for release in Q2 or Q3 next year, which means anywhere from April to September. Forgive us for sounding cynical, but we’re shoving our chips firmly on the autumnal end of the spectrum.

In terms of OnePlus Two specs, we’ve nothing to go on for the moment, though it’s probably fair to say it’ll cram in whatever happens to be top-of-the-range at the time.

Size is the big talking point for now. With the OnePlus One having measured 5.5in diagonally, it’s suggested that the phone might’ve been too big for some. Might the OnePlus Two be more pocket-friendly?

In response to a question on Reddit, a team member said the OnePlus Two “may or may not be (smaller) ;)”.

So ultimately we know nothing for now. Brilliant! However, we’re fully expecting OnePlus to talk a good game over the next several months, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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