OnePlus One price in Europe going up next week

OnePlus One price in Europe going up next week

We’re used to smartphone prices coming down over time, but here’s one we didn’t see coming: as the OnePlus One rapidly approaches its first birthday, the price in Europe is actually going the opposite way.

As of March 25 (Wednesday next week), OnePlus One price is going up by €30-50, depending on the model. Ouch.

In a nutshell, we’re told to blame the value of the Euro against the Dollar, which has gone down, down and down some more over the course of the past year.

Resultantly, the OnePlus One is currently being sold at a loss in Europe, and while the China-based start-up will “take the hit” and absorb said loss for the next few days, ultimately the price has to go up to accommodate the ailing Euro.

Specifically, 16GB OnePlus One (Silk White) price will rise from €269 to €299, while 64GB OnePlus One (Sandstone Black) price is being bumped from €299 to €349.

Crucially, with the new pricing taking effect from Wednesday next week, Europeans still have one more chance to grab the OnePlus One at the current price, and without an invite; that’s on Tuesday next week.

Inevitably OnePlus One price will come back down when the OnePlus Two arrives, but as of Wednesday next week, the phone won’t be quite the Euro-bargain we’re used to.

via: OnePlus Blog

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