Open webOS's progress shown off in new video

Open webOS's progress shown off in new videoIt may have proved a bit of a poisoned chalice for both Palm and HP, but webOS remains much loved as a platform and the move to have it remained as a port running on top of Android has plenty of support.

A group known as Phoenix International Communications, who we first wrote about back in June is behind the move, and has posted a new video (YouTube) showing its latest progress in making the concept a reality.

Open webOS has been making waves for a good few weeks now, mainly since a working prototype – albeit one that was unable to get past the lock screen without crashing.

Now, though, the webOS Android app is back in another video demo using a Samsung Galaxy S. Thanks to a lack of working hardware acceleration performance is slow –  Phoenix is calling the current iteration a pre-alpha build – but the point is it appears to work.

It comes after HP's decision to make webOS freely available to developers after the failure of its Pre3 smartphone and TouchPad tablets last year.

Needless to say the Phoenix collective is hard at work pushing the project forward, so hopefully we'll see further improvements coming along soon.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 28, 2012 at 20:33

Jolla, now this... Soon Open Bada?


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