Everything Everywhere opening stores... everywhere!

Everything Everywhere opening stores... everywhere!It may not be quite like an election - but exit polls are giving a major boost to Everything Everywhere's stores.

That's according to a survey that's been carried out to gauge what the public thinks of the Orange/T-Mobile hybrid shops which were set up in the wake of the companies' kind-of merger.

The newly merged stores are at least 10% better than the single Orange or T-Mobile stores when it comes to customer service, a point the company was quick to make at the launch of an EE concept store in London.

Andrew Coull - Everything Everywhere's vice-president of retail, says that the rollout of 21 stores has "increased brand awareness" and another eight are opening this month to continue the job, with a total of 31 stores planned by the end of March.

Neither network has announced plans to sacrifice its valued brand and an insider from the company told us earlier this month that there are still major political issues being played out internally within Everything Everywhere over how the brand should be marketed and publicised.

However, we can't help feeling that if the brands were to take on a whole new 'super network' approach and rebrand with a blitz (like O2 did from the ashes of BT Cellnet), then it would make for a more cohesive and stronger identity as it can all get rather confusing with the current setup. Even you guys have asked "what's the point?"

Having said that, Everything Everywhere has probably paid better people than us a lot more money to consult and advise. So maybe we should just pipe down.

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