Which operating systems can get viruses?

iOS? Android? Blackberry? Windows Phone 7? All of them?!

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 8, 2011 at 11:58

"viruses”? None of them. Malware that steals your data etc? Potentially all of them. It's apps from unofficial sources that you need to be wary of. Also, emails/sms/mms from unknown contacts! Delete. Don't open. Don't visit links in sms. Don't subscribe to 'offers' in sms etc...
There are viruses for phone OSs, but they were written as 'proof of concept'. To check what can be done. And to prevent attacks, by figuring out what is possible. There haven't been traditional virus attacks on phones 'in the wild'.
Not saying there won't be such attacks. But not yet.
As on PCs, currently it is all about phishing; stealing your data and credit. Free apps, that 'dial home' or access the web without your knowledge. Ads that take you to dodby sites to buy, among other things, fake anti-virus protection with your credit card ;)
Thanks to appstore hype, there are now close to a million apps out there, and that isn't counting java apps or webapps etc.. Do the maths - who can test them all.
Get apps from places you can trust. Read comments and ratings.
Don't fall JUST for the ratings, thought! A brandnew, just-released app with 2 five-starr ratings...hell, programmers have friends ;)
If an app gets 2 vague 'super duper' ratings, and one that says it's bad (with exqct reasons for why it's 'bad'), trust the 'bad'.
If you download apps from unofficial forums, read the threads and comments, and do some search before you install the app!

I have found excellent unofficial apps and mods and tweaks, but I've also come across malware and pirated crackware...

Would you buy a white box that only says 'great food' on it, and then feed your kids with it without finding out what's in it?
Use common sense, but don't panic. Remember, the Anti-Virus company want you scared. They are not web-welfare officers. They want your business, and sadly, many of them use scare tactics instead of 'education'!


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