Does Oppo have a ‘best audio quality’ smartphone up its sleeve? EDIT: nope, it’s £1K headphones

Does Oppo have a ‘best audio quality’ smartphone up its sleeve? EDIT: nope, it’s £1K headphonesYou know it’s a slow news day when you find yourself writing about a translation of an incredibly vague Taiwanese tweet that possibly – but possibly doesn’t – pertain to a new device that might never be released here anyway.

What am I rambling on about? Oppo, and the suggestion that it’s prepping a smartphone with “best audio quality”. Maybe.

Being a manufacturer of mp3 players, media players, TVs and Blu-ray players – among other things, it’s odd that the mobile world has claimed this Oppo tweet as its own.

And what do you know? Just as I put virtual pen to cyber paper, the Chinese manufacturer announces not a smartphone but a pair of headphones. But heck, let’s run with it; a little something different for a Friday afternoon. Beats jawing about the bloody iPhone 6, anyway.

Specifically, we’re dealing with Oppo’s PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphones, which are in fact already available in the UK.

Indeed, they’re notable for being a little – how to put this – on the dear side, causing TechRadar to yell: “Possibly the best headphones ever created by man, but ye gods they're expensive!”

How expensive? £1,099 expensive. Which begs the question: how much is too much for a pair of headphones? Answers below.

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Treab  Jul. 4, 2014 at 21:22

how much... more than £15 ;)


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