Oppo N1 coming next month with high-end camera and rear touch panel

Oppo N1 coming next month with high-end camera and rear touch panel

Mention the name “Oppo” in your typical high street phone-monger and the response will invariably be along the lines of “who?”, but there's no denying that the up-and-coming Chinese company is making some fine phones these days.

The next in line will be the camera-friendly Oppo N1, a device we heard about for the first time last month but which Oppo is now openly plugging by way of some pre-launch teasers.

Courtesy of Weibo, we now know the Oppo N1 will be the company's next flagship smartphone, and will launch next month. No specific date is mentioned, but could this be another to add to our list of IFA 2013 attendees?

Possibly, possibly not. You'd think that if the N1 announcement was just two weeks away we'd know it by now, but either way, the point is it's coming soon.

So what's so special? Well, the camera, to begin with. We're expecting a 12MP snapper powered by an “Owl” sensor, which is surely a pointer to decent low light abilities, as well as a Xenon flash and Oppo's seemingly unique N-Lens optics.

Beyond that, other N1-related teases from Oppo reveal that the handset will come with a touch-sensitive panel on the back of the device. Just what it'll do remains to be seen, but hey – the Oppo N1 is a fairly good looking piece of kit from what we've seen so far, so why wouldn't you want to touch its back side?

Pending any further leaks in the meantime, we'll have more on the Oppo N1 next month.

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