Oppo teases N3 smartphone ahead of official launch

Oppo teases N3 smartphone ahead of official launch

Ah, smartphone names. You all know what comes after the Oppo N1, right? Correct; it’s the Oppo N3. If you said Oppo N2, well, I don’t know what to tell you, kid.

As the world awaits the official launch later this month, Oppo has shared a cheeky shot of the N3’s rear camera, in all its faux leathery goodness.

So, things to garner from this Oppo N3 render, shared via the manufacturer's Wei-"the Chinese twitter"-bo. Well, the smartphone appears in white, much like its predecessor, and seems to have a silver trim, again much like its predecessor.

The big talking point, obviously, is that faux leather surrounding the Oppo N3’s rear camera. What the…? It’s expected that the Oppo N3 will have a rotating camera, same as the N1, so now we’re obviously wondering what’s on the front of the N3. Is it leather, too?

Intriguing. The Oppo N3 launch carries the tagline “ONE MORE STEP” and a picture of a boot print on the moon. Does that have anything to do with anything? Don’t count on it.

Unlike countless other Chinese manufacturers, Oppo does have a presence in Europe, specifically through its Oppo Style Europe store, where you can currently buy the Find 7 and Find 7a.

As such, expect the Oppo N3 to hit Europe shortly after its Chinese release. Full story on October 29.

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