Oppo's N1 mini still coming soon, but now with 'upgraded' swivel camera

Oppo's N1 mini still coming soon, but now with 'upgraded' swivel cameraWhen is official not official? When we're talking the Oppo N1 mini, it seems.

Despite being made “official” at the end of May, Oppo's scaled down flagship is now being teased yet again as “coming soon” and this time with an upscaled 24MP camera.

The evidence is to be found on Oppo Mobile India's Facebook page, and consists of a teaser pic of the Oppo N1 mini itself (reproduced above), along with the text: “Revolutionary 24 Mega Pixels Ultra HD Camera, Coming Soon!”

So what's the deal? For answers, or some of them anyway, we need to take a look at the Oppo Find 7, Oppo's Quad HD-boasting uber-handset announced in March that was touted as having a 50MP camera.

That claim was based on Oppo's Super Zoom feature working its magic on images taken by a Sony IMX214 sensor. The Oppo N1 mini apparently has some of the same digital trickery on board, but on a lesser scale, hence the talk of 24MP images.

Interestingly, Oppo was only talking about a 13MP resolution back in May, but the small print did mention the 24MP figure, so someone's probably had a word since then suggesting they go big on the 24MP thing.

Of course, that's easy enough to do when the device you're talking about has multiple “official” launches and months later still hasn't actually appeared in the flesh.

Pity, as the swivelling camera unit, regardless of how many megapixels are on board – is a rare bit of hardware innovation at a time when most new devices follow an all-too-predictable design template.

Via GSMArena

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