Optical Image Stabilisation

I was reading that the Samsung phones don't have Optical Image Stabilisation.
Is that something I should be concerned about if I'm taking lots of pictures? Is OIS hugely beneficial?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 4, 2013 at 16:21

If you want really good photos, then, yes, OIS is a huge advantage, The Lumias are outstanding in that regard. Having said said, software-based 'workarounds' such as the trickery applied by Apple on the iPhone 5 variants can work, too.
It really depends. If you are the kind of shooter who designs every shot, fiddling with settings?
Or: you want something that quickly delivers decent quality in most conditions. For point-and-shoot, imho, the iPhone or the HTC One may be a better choice than a Lumia with all the bells and whistles. Both the 925 and 1020 have noticeable lag - a delay between hitting the button and the photo being taken. It may well ruin the moment; although the resulting picture is definitely superior to anything other cam phones deliver...

As always, there are trade-offs in this area. I'm currently using a Lumia 925 on the side. It takes very nice photos. But for quickies I prefer the iPhone or One.


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