Optimism, HTC style

Optimism, HTC style

July 2012: “Over the last year, HTC and Beats have made great progress in sound innovation, product integration and brand awareness with successes like the HTC One.” – HTC statement after selling half of its Beats stake back to the audio firm.

October 2012: “China remains a key growth driver; US was inline with expectation, flagship products were well-received; EMEA focused on enhancing brand consideration in both developed and emerging countries.” – HTC statement after posting Q3 results showing a 48% drop in revenues and a 76% drop in profits from the year before.

February 2013: “We're going to go down, but not below 1,000. We see there's still room to play.” – HTC statement on plans to reduce its focus on premium devices in favour of entry-level handsets in developing markets.

May 2013: “In February our teams set a new standard for smartphones, launching the new HTC One. The reviews of fans and critics alike have been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to delivering on the promise of this device.” – HTC statement after its Q1 results show a 98% drop in profits year on year.

July 2013: “As we broaden our focus to include a new member of the HTC One family, the recently announced One mini, we are looking forward to delivering great products and results in 2H.” – HTC statement warning it was heading for its first ever quarterly loss.

October 2013: “HTC is in a time of change, taking necessary innovative steps on marketing to create a resurgence of the HTC brand.” – HTC statement after posting those losses and admitting that the time ahead was the company's “biggest challenge”.

October 2013: “HTC in not shutting down nor has plans to sell any of its factory assets. HTC has a very strong balance sheet and will provide the latest financials in our upcoming earnings call to investors and the broader community.” – HTC statement saying not to read anything into the closing of several of its manufacturing and production facilities.

November 2013: “We're looking at broader products in this quarter...we aim for higher volume into 2014 that will give better profitability.” – HTC statement on plans to reduce its focus on premium devices in favour of entry-level handsets in developing markets. Er, again.

May 6, 2014: “Now, we not only have an incredible flagship product HTC One (M8), but also a much more optimised product portfolio including powerful mid-tier phones, innovative accessory offerings and more... We believe that we are on course for a strong 2014.” – HTC statement promising a return to profitability despite higher than expected losses of £36.8m in Q1 and the likelihood that revenues will continue to fall for the foreseeable future.

Can't think of anything else to say, really.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 7, 2014 at 12:21

Optimism is good, isn't it?


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