Why being optimistic could land RIM in court

Why being optimistic could land RIM in courtHey, there's nothing quite like kicking a man when he's down, right? Looks that way for poor old RIM.

The company's in a sorry state compared to its heyday and looks like it's in the last chance saloon to really turn things around (we just know RIM's PR will complain about that last line as they monitor this site - but can you really describe the company as being on a par with how it was six years ago?)

So what does it do? It brings in a new CEO in the form of Thorsten Heins. It's his job to big up the company but according to the New York Times, Heins' optimism could be enough in itself to get him and RIM into trouble.

See, he says "there's nothing wrong with the company as it exists now" - but the NYT has been chatting to various legal experts and experts and their position is that statement (which they clearly disbelieve) means that creditors could sue him for misrepresenting the state of RIM as it is now. Bear in mins that there have been delays with some product releases like BlackBerry 10.

“They’re going to get sued and they should get sued because I think a closer look at the record is likely to unearth knowing and wilful misrepresentation. When the C.E.O. says there’s nothing wrong with the company as it is, it’s not cautious, it doesn’t make sense.” are the pretty damning words from Jean-Louis Gassee who was once high up in Apple.

RIM points out that Heins is so optimistic because he has inside info and knows what to expect with BB10 - far more than those on the outside. But he may struggle to convince investors until they get cold, hard proof.

Via New York Times

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Pondlife  Jul. 10, 2012 at 20:27

Anything happen with that Nokia suit for similar words from Nokia's chief idiot?


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