Orange announces cheaper mobile data roaming charges

Orange announces cheaper mobile data roaming chargesIt had to be Orange, didn't it? The network that has recently announced phones called Stockholm, Lisbon and Barcelona has just announced new data roaming rates for the continent designed to make things a bit more affordable.

Now if it could just sort out some cheaper actual holidays, we might be able to take advantage.

Orange's new roaming packages certainly make for good press – there's no bad time for a price cut, after all, and it does dovetail nicely with its naming strategy for its own-brand phones.

But to be honest, the new prices aren't exactly earth-shattering. You can buy a single helping of 30MB for £3, or cough up for a bundle you can use anytime over a 30-day period, with a choice of 30MB (£15), 150MB (£50) or 500MB (£150).

The one saving grace about the one-off daily bundle is you only pay if you actually go online. That said, if you do go beyond the 30MB allocation, you'll be paying another £3-odd for every additional megabyte.

But every little helps, as they say, and in many ways the networks are simply passing along costs that are unavoidable because of how partnering schemes between providers in different countries actually work.

Over to Orange's Liz Wynn: “Many people consider internet access an integral part of any trip. For this very reason we are introducing the new daily roaming bundle.... to help our Pay Monthly customers get the most out of their mobile internet while in Europe.”

To find out more, dial 150 from your Orange blower.

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