Orange boss: next iPhone is 'smaller and thinner'

Orange boss: next iPhone is 'smaller and thinner'At first, hearing Orange CEO Stephane Richard say Apple's next iPhone will be smaller and thinner than the current model seems like hearing a weatherman say that summer follows spring.

But on closer inspection, his comments seem to have raised a couple of interesting possibilities, which of course being Apple-related have already been dissected by those in the know, and those who think they're in the know.

First, the comments themselves. Richard, who heads up France Telecom – Orange's parent company – covered a wide range of topics in an interview with AllThingsD, but when it came to working with Apple on its plans to introduce a new generation of smaller SIM cards, he had some interesting things to say.

“As you probably know, Apple has been working for years on reducing the size of SIM cards because they need space in the phone.

“We are going to work with them in order to standardise a new format of SIM which takes into accout our needs with security and authentication and also is compatible with their wishes in terms of size.

“I understood that the next iPhone would be smaller and thinner and they are definitely seeking some space.”

And because it contains the word “iPhone”, even that single line has kicked off huge speculation. Some say the comments confirm that an iPhone nano is in the works, as the regular iPhone isn't likely to be smaller, only thinner. Others say Richard is talking about next year's iPhone, as the smaller SIM isn't likely to be ready in time for this year's model.

Our own take? Like the weatherman, Richard was stating a universal truth of gadgets: everyone's trying to make their phones smaller and lighter, and reducing the size of an internal component is the main way to do it. Apple may indeed have an iPhone nano in the works, but we're pretty sure that if that is the case, Stephane Richard won't be the one credited with letting the cat out of the bag.

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honario  May. 24, 2011 at 17:06

yeah, everybody is making a big fuss about an obvious matter. iPhone will definitely be smaller as every new iPhone generation is more compact. The big question is what new features will it have!

iamdamien  May. 24, 2011 at 18:00

Probably the most generic statement he could have given. Then everyone latches onto it and goes ape with speculation. I have an iPhone, and love it. But clinging to what is less than a scrap of news and trying to turn it into a massive "game changer-esque" story is just idiocy. I don't see the same happening with any other mobile manufacturer.
Some people just seem to get a massive boner over it!

ticticboom1983  May. 24, 2011 at 18:31

but will it blend?

blizzard7  May. 24, 2011 at 22:12

"iPhone will definitely be smaller as every new iPhone generation is more compact."

The iPhone 1 was smaller than the iPhone 3G which is the same size as the iPhone 3GS. 8)


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